CD22 Mouse Monoclonal References

Cat. #AB-36

Li JL, Shen GL, Ghetie MA, May RD, Till M, Ghetie V, Uhr JW, Janossy G, Thorpe PE, Amlot P, et al. (1989) The epitope specificity and tissue reactivity of four murine monoclonal anti-CD22 antibodies. Cell Immunol 118(1):85-99.

Shen GL, Li JL, Ghetie MA, Ghetie V, May RD, Till M, Brown AN, Relf M, Knowles P, Uhr JW, et al. (1988) Evaluation of four CD22 antibodies as ricin A chain-containing immunotoxins for the in vivo therapy of human B-cell leukemias and lymphomas. Int J Cancer 42(5):792-797.