6His Mouse Monoclonal References

Cat. #AB-213

Thom G, Hatcher J, Hearn A, Paterson J, Rodrigo N, Beljean A, Gurrell I, & Webster C. Isolation of Blood-Brain Barrier-Crossing Antibodies from a Phage Display Library by Competitive Elution and Their Ability to Penetrate the Central Nervous System. (2018). mAbs, 10 (2):304-314.

Fluorescence microvolume assay technology (FMAT) periprep extract or Nickel-purified scFvs from E. coli were transferred into assay plates  containing 10 ml (1:1000 dilution of a 1 mg/ml stock solution) mouse anti-HIS MAb.)

Webster CI, Caram-Salas N, Haqqani AS, Thom G, Brown L, Rennie K, Yogi A, Costain W, Brunette E, Stanimirovic DB. (2016) Brain penetration, target engagement, and disposition of the blood-brain barrier-crossing bispecific antibody antagonist of metabotropic glutamate receptor type 1. FASEB J 30(5):1927-1940. PMID: 26839377 (Targeting Trends 16q4)