Fibroblast Growth Factor Rabbit Polyclonal References

Cat. #AB-07, Cat. #AB-08


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Application: Western (1:1300)

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Application: immunohistochemistry (1:300)

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Application: immunohistochemistry (1:100)

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Application: Western (1:500)

Li J, Xiang X, Xu H, & Shi Y. Cilostazol Promotes Angiogenesis and Increases Cell Proliferation after Myocardial Ischemia–Reperfusion Injury through a Camp-Dependent Mechanism. (2019). Cardiovasc Eng Technol., 10 (4):638-647.
Application: Western

Li X, Yu M, & Yang C. Yy1-Mediated Overexpression of Long Noncoding Rna Mcm3ap-As1 Accelerates Angiogenesis and Progression in Lung Cancer by Targeting Mir-340-5p/Kpna4 Axis. (2019). J Cell Biochem, DOI: 10.1002/jcb.29448
Application: Western (1:1000)

Manavella DD, Cacciottola L, Payen VL, Amorim CA, Donnez J, & Dolmans MM. Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells Boost Vascularization in Grafted Ovarian Tissue by Growth Factor Secretion and Differentiation into Endothelial Cell Lineages. (2019). Mol Hum Reprod, 25 (4):184-193.
Application: immunohistochemistry (1:2000)

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Application: immunohistochemistry (1:500)

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Application: immunostaining (1:100)

Wu X, Cao Z, Chen H, Ou Q, Huang X, & Wang Y. Downregulation of Linc-Rna Activator of Myogenesis Lncrna Participates in FGF2 Mediated-Proliferation of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells. (2019). J Periodontol, DOI: 10.1002/JPER.19-0317
Application: Western (1:1200)

Anderberg C, Li H, Fredriksson L, Andrae J, Betsholtz C, Li X, Eriksson U, & Pietras K. Paracrine Signaling by Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-CC Promotes Tumor Growth by Recruitment of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts. (2009). Cancer Res, 69 (1):369.

AB-07:  Anti-FGF mammalian; Receptor stimulation and immunoprecipitation.  B16/mock, B16/PDGF-C, and porcine aortic endothelial cells stably expressing PDGFR-a (a-PAE) were stimulated with 100 ng/mL core PDGF-CC for 1 h on ice. Immunoprecipitation was done with an antibody to fibroblast growth factor-2.  Western blot analysis was done with 1 ug/mL antibody.

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