Growth Hormone Releasing Factor Rabbit Polyclonal References

Cat. #AB-01

Bloch B, Baird A, Ling N, Guillemin R (1986) Immunohistochemical evidence that growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF) neurons contain an amidated peptide derived from cleavage of the carboxyl-terminal end of the GRF precursor. Endocrinology 118:156-162.

Bloch B, Gaillard RC, Brazeau P, Lin HD, Ling N (1984) Topographical and ontogenetic study of the neurons producing growth hormone-releasing factor in human hypothalamus. Regul Pept 8(1):21-31.

Bloch B, Brazeau P, Ling N, Bohlen P, Esch F, Wehrenberg WB, Benoit R, Bloom F, Guillemin R (1983) Immunohistochemical detection of growth hormone-releasing factor in brain. Nature 301:607-608.