Nppb-SAP References

Cat #IT-69

Huang J, Polgár E, Solinski HJ, Mishra SK, Tseng P-Y, Iwagaki N, Boyle KA, Dickie AC, Kriegbaum MC, Wildner H, Zeilhofer HU, Watanabe M, Riddell JS, Todd AJ, & Hoon MA. Circuit Dissection of the Role of Somatostatin in Itch and Pain. (2018). Nature Neuroscience.

Objective:  To determine the role of somatostatin in itch and pain.
Summary:  Results define the neural circuit underlying somatostatin-induced itch and characterize a contrasting antinociceptive role for the peptide.
Dose:  Ablation of Npr1- and GRPR-expressing spinal cord interneurons was accomplished by intrathecal (segment L3/4) injection of Nppb-SAP (4 μg/10 μL) and Bombesin-SAP (2.5 μg) respectively.

Mishra SK, Hoon MA. (2013) The cells and circuitry for itch responses in mice. Science 340(6135):968-971. (Targeting Trends 13q3)