Anti-CD103-SAP References

Cat #IT-50

Acovic A, Simovic Markovic B, Gazdic M, Arsenijevic A, Jovicic N, Gajovic N, Jovanovic M, Zdravkovic N, Kanjevac T, Harrell CR, Fellabaum C, Dolicanin Z, Djonov V, Arsenijevic N, Lukic ML, & Volarevic V. Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-dependent expansion of T-regulatory cells maintains mucosal healing in ulcerative colitis. (2018). Therapeutic Adv Gastroenterol, 11 1756284818793558.

Objective:  To analyze the significance of the IDO:Treg axis for inducing and maintaining mucosal healing in ulcerative colitis (UC).
Summary:  IDO-dependent expansion of endogenous Tregs should be explored as a new approach for induction and maintenance of mucosal healing in patients with UC.
Dose:  DSS-treated BALB/c mice were injected with Anti-CD103-SAP (2 mg/kg, intraperitoneally).

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