Recombinant Rat Calbindin-1 [PRP-400PRO]

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Source: Escherichia Coli.
Applications: CABP28K can be used for immunoblots, absorption experiments in immunohistochemistry, radioimmunoassay and intracellular injection.For adsorption we suggest the following procedureA- Dilute 1 åµl of the monoclonal antibody against calbindin D-28k in 5 ml of the usual buffer for immunohistochemistry (final dilution 1:5’000).B- Add 1 åµg of the recombinant protein to 1 ml of the diluted antibody solution and mix well.C- Incubate for at least 6 hours in the cold.D- Apply to tissue-sections and incubate for 3 days.E- Complete the immunohistochemical reaction as usual (biotinylated second antibody, ABC-complex, DAB).As a result, the immunostaining should be strongly reduced or even completely prevented.
Synonyms: Calbindin, Vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding protein, avian-type, Calbindin D28, D-28K, Spot 35 protein, Calb1, CaBP28K, MGC93326.