Mouse Anti Human CD11b Biotinylated [PRP-275ANT]

SKU: PRP-275ANT Category: Product Size: 1 mg, 500 ug | Antibody Type: Monoclonal |

Immunogen: Purified human PBL Monocytes.
Clone: hCD11b.
Ig Subclass: Mouse IgG1.
Applications: Blocking and staining antibody. For staining, use 10åµl/1,000,000 cells. Titer for blocking LPS binding should be determined by the investigator.
Synonyms: Integrin alpha-M, Cell surface glycoprotein MAC-1 subunit alpha, CR-3 alpha chain, Leukocyte adhesion receptor MO1, Neutrophil adherence receptor, CD11b antigen, ITGAM, CR3A, MO1A, CD11B, MAC-1, MAC1A, MGC117044.