Influenza A Virus H3N2 (Hemagglutinin) Rabbit Polyclonal [PRP-255ANT]

SKU: PRP-255ANT Category: Product Size: 5 ug, 15 ug, 100 ug | Antibody Type: Polyclonal | Host: Rabbit | Usage: ELISA, immunoblotting |

H3N2 is a subtype of the influenza A virus. Its name derives from the forms of the two kinds of proteins on the surface of its coat, hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). H3N2 exchanges genes for internal proteins with other influenza subtypes. H3N2 has tended to dominate in prevalence over H1N1 H1N2, and influenza B. The H3N2 strain descended from H2N2 by antigenic shift, in which genes from multiple subtypes re-assorted to form a new virus. Both the H2N2 and H3N2 strains contained genes from avian influenza viruses.

Influenza hemagglutinin protein is an envelope glycoprotein responsible for binding to sialic receptors and influenza viral entry into host cells. The antibody was produced by immunization of rabbits with purified recombinant influenza A/Wisconsin/67/05 produced in insect cells using baculovirus expression vector system. The antigen was purified under conditions that preserve the HA protein’s biological activity and tertiary structure. Purity is 90%.

Reported to be effective for immunoblotting. ELISA to be determined.

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