Recombinant Human Cytohesin 1 Interacting Protein [PRP-2172PRO]

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Source: E.coli.
Synonyms: Cytohesin 1 Interacting Protein, Cytohesin Binder And Regulator, PSCDBP, Pleckstrin Homology, Sec7 And Coiled-Coil Domains, Binding Protein,Pleckstrin Homology Sec7 And Coiled-Coil Domains-Binding Protein, Cytohesin-Associated Scaffolding Protein, Cytohesin Binding Protein HE, Cytohesin-Binding Protein HE, Cbp HE, CASP, CYBR, HE Pleckstrin Homology, Sec7 And Coiled/Coil Domains, Binding Protein, Cytohesin-1 Interacting Protein, Cytohesin-Interacting Protein, CYTHIP, B3-1, CYTIP.