c-Myc Mouse Monoclonal [PRP-211ANT]

SKU: PRP-211ANT Category: Antibody Type: Monoclonal | Host: synthetic peptide | Reactivity: Human |Usage: immunoblotting |

c-Myc is a multifunctional, nuclear phosphoprotein that plays a role in cell cycle progression, apoptosis and cellular transformation. It functions as a transcription factor that regulates transcription of specific target genes. Mutations, overexpression, rearrangement and translocation of c-Myc have been associated with a variety of hematopoietic tumors, leukemias and lymphomas, including Burkitt’s lymphoma. There is evidence to show that alternative translation initiations from an upstream, in-frame non-AUG (CUG) and a downstream AUG start site result in the production of two isoforms with distinct N-termini. The synthesis of non-AUG initiated protein is suppressed in Burkitt’s lymphomas, suggesting its importance in the normal function of this gene.

Mouse anti-human c-Myc is purified over a protein A column. The protein concentration is 1 mg/ml in PBS after reconstitution. This antibody was produced in BALB/c mice.

Reported to be effective for immunoblotting.

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