Erythropoietin Mouse Monoclonal [PRP-187ANT]

SKU: PRP-187ANT Category: Antibody Type: Monoclonal | Host: mouse | Reactivity: Human |Usage: ELISA, immunoblotting |

This gene is a member of the EPO/TPO family and encodes a secreted, glycosylated cytokine composed of four alpha helical bundles. The protein is found in the plasma and regulates red cell production by promoting erythroid differentiation and initiating hemoglobin synthesis. This protein also has neuroprotective activity against a variety of potential brain injuries and antiapoptotic functions in several tissue types.

Mouse anti-human erythropoietin is purified by chromatography on protein G Sepharose. Purity is tested by electrophoresis. Each vial contains 3.4 mg/ml antibodies in PBS, pH 7.4, containing 0.1% of sodium azide as preservative.

Reported to be effective for ELISA and immunoblotting.

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