Rat Anti Mouse LY6C/G [PRP-075ANT]

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Immunogen: BM-enriched myeloid cells.
Clone: YRmLy-6C/G.
Ig Subclass: Rat IgG2b.
Applications: Flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, cell depletion.This antibody recognizes both Ly-6G and Ly-6C (granulocyte receptor 1- Gr-1). Ly-6G is expressed on most myeloid cells in the bone marrow and all peripheral granulocytes. Ly-6C is also expressed on subsets of lymphocytes and monocytes. For flow cytometry, use 10 åµl/106 cells. Exact titer for cell depletion in vivo (cytotoxicity) should be determined by the investigator.