Chimeric Chagas Multiantigen Recombinant [PRP-001CCH]

SKU: PRP-001CCH Categories: , Host: E. coli |Conjugate: His-tag | Usage: ELISA, lateral flow |

Trypanosoma cruzi, better known as T. cruzi, is a deadly parasite that causes Chagas disease. This disease is a chronic infection, which primarily affects the heart and nervous system, causing severe neurological disorders, as well as swelling or denervation of nervous tissue in the heart, colon and esophagus. Chagas disease often goes undiagnosed due to close association of symptoms to heart disease and a variety of other disorders. The organism can circulate in the blood of infected patients for many years after infection, and can lead to transfusion-acquired infections in blood recipients from these infected donors. Contaminated blood transfusions are suspected to be the primary way in which the parasite has been transmitted to industrialized countries.

Recombinant chimeric Chagas multiantigen (MACH) (Trypanosoma cruzi) is produced in E. coli, containing 6-His tag and having a molecular weight of 9.9kDa. MACH was lyophilized from 20mM Tris pH-8.5, 100mM sodium chloride and 20% trehalose. It was purified by a proprietary chromatographic technique. Protein is >95% pure as determined by metal affinity chromatography.

Reported to be effective for ELISA and lateral flow.

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