Anti-6 His-ZAP Kit [KIT-52]

a tool for eliminating 6 His-tagged recombinant proteins; targeted via mouse monoclonal antibody to 6 His, eliminated via saporin
This kit includes Anti-6 His-ZAP (Cat. #IT-52) plus Mouse IgG-SAP (Cat. #IT-18)

SKU: KIT-52 Category: Product Size: 25 ug, 100 ug, 250 ug | Antibody Type: Monoclonal | Host: mouse | Conjugate: saporin | Usage: eliminates cells |

The use of polyhistidine tags has become a popular method for protein purification, commonly used in the screening process as a tag for your protein or peptide of interest. This polyhistidine epitope tag is generally comprised of six consecutive histidine amino acid residues located at the N-terminal, C-terminal, or internally. The 6-His-Tag is widely used because of its affinity to bind nickel or cobalt metal ions attached to sepharose, which can then be used to purify the protein in a native or denatured state.

Anti-6 His-ZAP uses the secondary antibody (anti-6-His) to “piggyback” onto YOUR 6-His-tagged recombinant proteins or 6-His-tagged proteins over-expressed in cells to evaluate the expression of your target. Once the conjugate is internalized, saporin breaks away from the targeting agent and inactivates the ribosomes, which causes protein inhibition and, ultimately, cell death.

Anti-6 His-ZAP specifically eliminates YOUR 6 His-tagged recombinant proteins or 6 His-tagged proteins over-expressed in cells.

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