Oxytocin-SAP Kit [KIT-46]

a tool for eliminating cells that express oxytocin receptor; targeted via native oxytocin peptide, eliminated via saporin
This kit includes Oxytocin-SAP (Cat. #IT-46) plus Blank-SAP (Cat. #IT-21)

SKU: KIT-46 Category: Product Size: 25 ug, 100 ug, 250 ug | Conjugate: saporin | Usage: eliminates cells |


Oxytocin is a nine amino acid peptide with a structure similar to vasopressin, and is a hormone released by the posterior pituitary. Peripheral activity of oxytocin is linked primarily to lactation and labor-related uterine contractions. Within the brain, oxytocin receptor-positive neurons have been studied with regard to their sensitivity to leptin and involvement in satiety. Oxytocin-SAP recognizes and specifically eliminates cells expressing the oxytocin receptor.

There is evidence that NPY (NPY-SAP, Cat. #IT-28) can have an effect on oxytocin release, particularly in reproductive-related organs and processes (corpus luteum, lactation, etc.). Leptin (Leptin-SAP, Cat. #IT-47) is a key component in many obesity studies.

Oxytocin-SAP specifically eliminates cells that recognize and internalize oxytocin.

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