NPY-SAP Kit [KIT-28]

25 ug, 100 ug, 250 ug

a tool for eliminating cells that express the Neuropeptide Y (NPY); targeted via NPY, eliminated via saporin
This kit includes NPY-SAP (Cat. #IT-28) plus Blank-SAP (Cat. #IT-21)

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Neuropeptide Y (NPY) receptor is the most abundant neuropeptide in the brain and is involved in many processes from prenatal to mature animals. It promotes the proliferation of postnatal neuronal precursor cells and exhibits a diverse range of important physiologic activities, including effects on psychomotor activity, food intake, regulation of central endocrine secretion, and potent vasoactive effects on the cardiovascular system. Neuropeptide Y family of peptides signal through a family of G protein-coupled receptors present in the brain and sympathetic neurons. These NPY receptors recognize NPY and related peptides. NPY-SAP specifically eliminates cells expressing the NPY receptor. It is not suitable for retrograde transport.

There is evidence that NPY can have an effect on oxytocin release (Oxytocin-SAP, Cat. #IT-46), particularly in reproductive related organs and processes (corpus luteum, lactation, etc.). Leptin (Leptin-SAP, Cat. #IT-47) is a key component in many obesity studies.

NPY-SAP specifically eliminates cells expressing the NPY receptor. Not suitable for retrograde transport.


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