Orexin-B-SAP Kit [KIT-20]

25 ug, 100 ug, 250 ug

a tool for eliminating cells that express the orexin-2 receptor; targeted via orexin-B peptide, eliminated via saporin

This kit includes Orexin-B-SAP (Cat. #IT-20) plus Blank-SAP (Cat. #IT-21)

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The orexin 1 and orexin 2 receptors are found in the perifornical area/latero-posterior hypothalamus, and projections from this area cover much of the brain. These receptors have been implicated in various neurophysiological and neuropsychological disorders such as narcolepsy, insomnia, drug addiction, anxiety, and migraine headaches. The orexin-B-SAP conjugate consists of the rat/mouse orexin-B peptide conjugated to saporin. Orexin-B binds to the orexin-2 receptor with approximately 5X greater affinity than to the orexin-1 receptor.

Orexin-B-SAP eliminates cells expressing the orexin 2 receptor.

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