NK-1 Receptor Rabbit Polyclonal, affinity-purified Alexa488-labeled [FL-N33AP]


SKU: FL-N33AP Category: Antibody Type: Polyclonal | Host: Rabbit | Reactivity: dog, Human, rat | Conjugate: Alexa488 | Usage: ELISA, flow cytometry, immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry |

The Neurokinin-1 (NK-1) receptor is a G-protein-coupled receptor characterized by seven transmembrane helices which preferentially binds the neuropeptide substance P. The NK-1 receptor (also known as the substance P receptor) plays a key role in pain and inflammation. Studies also implicate NK-1 receptors in depression and the growth of brain tumors.

This antibody recognizes the NK-1 receptor in rat, dog, and human. This antibody was developed in rabbit using a synthetic peptide corresponding to an amino acid sequence at the C-terminus of dog NK-1 receptor conjugated to bovine thyroglobulin with glutaraldehyde. It has been conjugated to the fluorescent dye Alexa488. The peptide sequence has a high degree of homology to other species such as human, mouse, rat and guinea pig. The antibody is routinely tested by immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry.

Applications include immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, immunoblotting, and ELISA.

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