L.Kynurenine Mouse Monoclonal, Conjugated [AB-T171]


SKU: AB-T171 Category: Antibody Type: Monoclonal | Host: mouse |

Monoclonal antibody was obtained after BALB/c mouse immunization with the conjugate : L.Kynurenine-Protein Carriers (PC) and hybridization of spleen cells with the myeloma cell line SP2/O/Ag14. Ascite production was performed in BALB/c mice. This antibody targets conjugated L.Kynurenine and is IgG purified. This antibody does not recognize free L.Kynurenine.

Using a conjugate L.Kynurenine-PC, antibody specificity was performed with an ELISA test by competition experiments with the following compounds : L.Kynurenine-BSA (1), D.Kynurenine-BSA (1/7), Picolinic acid-BSA (1/3,000), Xanthurenic acid-BSA (1/>50,000), Quinaldic acid-BSA (1/>50,000), L.Tryptophan-BSA (1/>50,000), 3OH Kynurenine-BSA (1/>50,000), Anthranilic acid-BSA (1/>50,000), Quinolinic acid-BSA (1/>50,000), Kyurenic acid-BSA (1/>50,000), Free L.Kynurenine (1/>50,000).

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