Methylated Lysine Rabbit Polyclonal, Biotin-labeled [AB-223]


SKU: AB-223 Category: Quantity: 100 ug | Antibody Type: affinity-purified, Polyclonal | Host: Rabbit | Reactivity: Human | Conjugate: Biotin | Usage: ELISA, immunoblotting |

Recognizes proteins methylated on lysine residues (mono and di-methyllysine). Does not cross-react with acetylated proteins. Cross-reactivity with tri-methyllysine is not tested. Affinity-purified using Ne-monomethyllysine and dimethyllysine conjugated to agarose as affinity matrix. Conjugated to d-biotin via acylation. The concentration is 250 åµg/ml.

Reported to be effective for ELISA and immunoblotting.

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