Product Managers

Leonardo has worked as a scientist at Advanced Targeting Systems for over 15 years and was recently promoted to Vice President. His expertise in conjugations, flow cytometry, and research assay development are a major reason for the company’s success.
Leonardo is also Scientific Director of ATS’s partner organization, CytoLogistics. He oversees all the contract laboratory services (e.g. compound screening, cell-based assays, custom conjugations). Streptavidin-ZAP and many other secondary conjugates are under his watchful eye and he is ready to discuss your custom conjugation needs.

Patrick just completed his 7th year at ATS. He is a Product Manager for the Melanopsin product line and several of our targeted toxins. Patrick also developed the ATS pHast line of products and is currently working on the latest addition: Streptavidin-pHast (Strep-pHast).
Patrick’s molecular biology expertise makes him a valuable contributor to new product development. His scientific research on a CRISPR line of targeting tools keeps him busy in the laboratory when he’s not answering customer questions or working on product conjugations.

Miguel is a Product Manager in his second year at ATS. He is responsible for the production and handling of one of our most important products: Saporin. His skills in the laboratory and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to the team. He continues to be involved in Research and Development and is currently in the final stages of a new product line of transfection kits that will greatly improve efficiency and success in cell transfections.
Miguel’s other products include the recombinant IB4 products, the AB-T conjugated antibodies, and the essential line of Saporin Control Conjugates.

Raschel, our newest Product Manager, has been on the ATS team for over a year now. She has great expertise in the important assays needed to provide quality control for our conjugates and antibodies. Raschel produced one of our new products: Recombinant MOA (Marasmius oreades agglutinin). Unavailable from any other commercial source, her success in expressing and purifying the material was much needed. She is also responsible for the Saporin conjugate version: MOA-SAP. This targeted toxin recognizes blood group B antigens and has a high affinity to alpha gal, a carbohydrate found on B blood type cells. Raschel is also responsible for the Angiotensin antibodies and is currently working on a mouse-specific version.