Secondary Conjugates ZAP BOGO

ZAP your in vitro research with selected Z-Kits and Secondary Antibody conjugates specific to your primary antibody.  Buy One, Get One free (BOGO) with your online order. Use code ZAPIT.  Your discount will not automatically be shown when you submit your order.  The correct pricing will be confirmed within 24 hours.

Choose from the following products:
Chick-ZAP (IT-62, KIT-62)
Goat-ZAP (IT-36, KIT-36)
gPIG-ZAP (IT-64, KIT-64)
Hum-ZAP (IT-22, KIT-22)
Hug-M-ZAP (IT-43, KIT-43)
Mab-ZAP (IT-04, KIT-04)
Anti-M-ZAP (IT-30, KIT-30)
Rab-ZAP (IT-05, KIT-05)
Rat-ZAP (IT-26, KIT-26)

(*Buy one product and get a second product of equal or lesser value free.)

Leonardo Ancheta

Product Manager