Study the physiological function of GABA neurons utilizing the targeted toxin GAT1-SAP!  GABA is the predominant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system and plays a major role in sleep, reward consumption, fear aversion and locomotion among other things.

Figure shows number of GAD-positive neurons after treatment.  Maejima Y, Yokota S, Horita S, & Shimomura K. The undeveloped properties of GABA neurons in the ventral tegmental area promote energy intake for growth in juvenile rats. (2019). Sci Rep, 9 (1):11848.   
                               Control:  IT-35: Rabbit IgG-SAP

Objective:  To determine the underlying mechanisms that induce high energy intake (EI) per body weight (BW).
Summary:  Undeveloped properties of VTA GABA neurons in juvenile rats can promote higher EI regardless of high or less palatable feeding, and contribute to growth  promotion.
Dose:  GAT1-SAP or control, Rabbit IgG-SAP was bilaterally injected (0.025 μg/0.5 μl) into the VTA in eight-week-old adult rats.

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