Apartment in Madrid3

Wednesday morning.  (Where has the time gone?)


Well, catching up on sleep was one place the time went!  After breaking down the booth on Monday, I was pretty tired.  There were phone problems at the San Diego office with the dedicated line to the alarm system, so I spent a few hours working with the team there to get things straightened out.  Finally a bit before 1am Madrid time, everything was fixed.  I went to sleep almost immediately and did not get out of bed until almost noon!  Ahh.  That felt good and was obviously much needed.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was pretty calm.  The first order of business was to tackle the complicated shower.  2 days of sponge baths was all I could stand.  SO many knobs and jets to contend with.  I managed to get just the lower faucet to work while I adjusted the temperature and then was satisfied to get the handheld spray working.  Perhaps tomorrow I will try a few other knobs!  🙂

After that I did a little preparation for the weekly meeting back at work and then I went out to pick up some items I needed and enjoyed a cerveza at a sidewalk table and did some people watching.  It was a beautiful day.  Not too hot.  There are several discount stores along the route to the supermarket.  All of them seem to be owned and managed by Chinese business people.  An amazing amount of inventory at very reasonable prices.

Once I got back to the apartment I had a light supper and then worked to get the conference meeting set up.  Asleep by 12:30 and slept in again until 11!  I like this schedule.

Today was laundry day.  I tried out the washing machine and it worked well.   A bit noisy.  After about 45 minutes I heard it starting the spin cycle.  It was quite loud and there was some sort of thumping.  I was in the living room with my laptop on my lap, but decided I’d better go check on things.  I walked into the kitchen in time to see the iron the housekeeper had left on top of the washer creeping to the edge!  A few quick steps and I was able to retrieve it before it dropped to the floor.  Phew!  That was a close one.  I set up the laundry rack in the little office room and opened the window to let the warm breeze in to dry the clothes.

I did some browsing of various sites to see in Madrid, but I visited all the main ones on my last trip and I am really enjoying ‘living’ in Madrid for a while.  It’s quite nice.  Tomorrow I will try to do some shopping.  I just found out it will be quite chilly in Amsterdam and I brought only summer clothes!

Buenas Noches from Madrid!