ZAP Antibody Screening Kits

Energize your antibody screening with ZAP kits.  Order any ZAP Internalization kit and receive TWO TIMES the amount of ZAP product in the kit. Just enter with Promo Code ZAP2.0 when you place your ONLINE ORDER. For example, if KIT-22-Z4 is your favorite Hum-ZAP product, you will receive an extra 100-mcg vial of Hum-ZAP at […]


Next Level Antibody Screening

Anxious for results? Want to screen your antibodies in less than 24 hours? Now you can try the next generation of high throughput antibody screening with a free 25-mcg vial of Fab-pHast when you order Fab-ZAP mouse (IT-48) and/or Fab-ZAP human (IT-51). Use promo code pHastFREE when placing your ONLINE ORDER and we will include […]


Research Validation with Controls

Ready to Publish?  ATS is helping you validate your research with targeted toxins.  Now all our 25-mcg saporin conjugates come with controls! To celebrate this improvement, we are offering an additional 25-mcg aliquot of the targeted toxin with each new order. For example:  Order a 192-IgG-SAP kit in the 25-mcg size (KIT-01-25) and you will […]

Targeting Trends Newsletter 17q1

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Lipid Link to Neuro-Degenerative Disease

Martínez-Gardeazabal J, González de San Román E, Moreno-Rodríguez M, Llorente-Ovejero A, Manuel I, Rodríguez-Puertas R. (2017) Lipid Mapping of the Rat Brain for Models of Disease. Biochim Biophys Acta  PMID:28235468 The major components of plasma membranes are lipids. These molecules have a wide range of functions including cellular structure, metabolism and signaling molecules.  Regarding this […]

Targeting Topics 17q1

Photoentrainment and Pupillary Light Reflex Are Mediated By Distinct Populations of Iprgcs. Chen SK, Badea TC, Hattar S. Nature 476(7358):92-95, 2011. PMID: 21765429 Intinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) express the photopigment Melanopsin and regulate a wide array of light dependent physiological processes. Genetic ablation of ipRGCs eliminates circadian photoentrainment and severely disrupts the pupillary […]


Feed Your Hunger

Do your experiments have a large appetite?  Hungry for more?  Get a second helping of any of our food intake and satiety related products at no extra cost with this buy one get one free (BOGO) promotion. Enter ONLINE ONLY promo code APPETITEBOGO when you order any of our Leptin, Dynorphin, Galanin, CCK, NPY, Oxytocin, […]

Melanopsin photoresponse relies on the SEE-terminus

Somasundaram et al. C-terminal phosphorylation regulates the kinetics of a subset of melanopsin-mediated behaviors in mice. PNAS (2017), pii: 201611893. PMID: 28223508 Chronotype (morningness-eveningness) in mammals likely has multiple causes. Phase angle of entrainment is defined as the relationship between the timing of the biological clock and the timing of an external time cue, and if the primary […]

Targeting Talk: Neurotransmitter Antibodies

Advanced Targeting Systems offers a full line of antibodies to neurotransmitters; everything from serotonin and L-DOPA, to noradrenaline and dopamine. These antibodies are an excellent choice for immunohistochemistry applications as they are ideally primed for use in tissues that have been perfused with a mixture of paraformaldehyde and gluteraldehyde. Some frequently asked questions: Q:  Could you […]