Fab-pHAST: The newest targeting tool

Contributed by Patrick Shramm, Product Manager for Fab-pHast We are pleased to announce a new set of tools to rapidly screen antibodies, Fab-pHast conjugates. The ATS pHAST product line provides the FASTEST results in quantitative testing of your antibody’s specific-binding and internalization. Fab-pHast contains a pH-dependent fluorescent reporter that increases intensity in acidic surroundings, such […]

Cover Article: The locus coeruleus: a potential link between cerebrovascular and neuronal pathology in Alzheimer’s disease.

Contributed by S C Kelly, P T Nelson, S E Counts Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that most commonly affects individuals over the age of 65. While of unknown etiology, AD is characterized by a steady decline in cognitive functions including memory, attention, executive functions, and language. There is currently no disease-modifying therapy […]

Accelerating Your Research

As we start a new year, we at Advanced Targeting Systems are more dedicated than ever to providing our customers with the innovate, cutting-edge tools that will accelerate and optimize research. Scientists around the world have published exciting new data to advance our knowledge of how specific cell types affect behavior and disease. With each new discovery, possibilities […]

Brian Russell

pHast Savings for Internalization Efficiency

Kickstart your antibody screening in 2017 with pHast secondary antibody conjugates that allow you to measure and quantitate the internalization efficiency of your Ab within 24 hours.  Buy any Fab-pHast product and get a second vial free*. Enter coupon code DOUBLEpHAST at checkout for this online only offer.  (*Second product must be of equal or […]


The Eyes Have it! Melanopsin Offer.

Advance your research on photosensitive retinal cells and bring in the new year with a buy one get one retina-based product. Enter coupon code EYEBOGO at checkout for this online only offer.  (*Second product must be of equal or lesser value.) Choose from the following: Melanopsin-SAP [IT-44], [KIT-44] Melanopsin Rabbit Polyclonal [AB-N38] Melanopsin Rabbit Polyclonal, […]


Free Controls when you Upgrade to a Kit

Why buy just the conjugate when you can get the kit with controls for the same price?  Buy any Targeted Toxin conjugate* (IT products) and get a free upgrade to the complete KIT, including experimental controls.* Enter coupon code UPGRADEME at checkout for this online only offer.  (*ZAP products not included in offer.) 192-IgG-SAP Acetylated […]